The classic trail is 1 mile long (1.6km) incorporating 10 displays. These include a Welcome sign, the Sun and eight Planets. As the trail represents the Solar System to scale, six of these signs (Welcome, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) are located along the first 100 yards, the next four (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) are spread out along the rest of the mile trail.

As you plan the trail try to have the first initial 100 yards in a straight line making it possible to look back from Mars to the Sun. Consider incorporating a shaded seating area around the mid trail point, 1/2 a mile in, somewhere between Saturn and Uranus.

The end sign (Neptune) includes several segments of audio listening, these are ‘Neptune’, ‘Beyond Neptune’ and ‘Beyond the Solar System’. It is also the beginning of the trail ‘A Comet’s Journey’ that goes backwards to the Sun. A rest area would be appropriate here as people take their time listening to the audio segments and reflecting, from this unique vantage point, back to the heart of the Solar System and the infinite space beyond. An atmospheric water generator could also be incorporated, these generate drinking water from the atmosphere using solar panels (contact us for information).

It is possible to have a shorter trail. The shortest (Sun to Mars) can be only 100 yards long. This may require an adjustment of the scale on the signage. Shorter options include a trail from the Sun to the planet Mars or up to Saturn with distances to scale from the Sun. Beyond this point two or four of the gas giant planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, would be installed not to scale. They will include an indication of how far they should be if positioned to scale on the trail.

All trails beyond 100 yards can be set in a linear or loop layout.

The audio guide includes two trails for children. These are shorter walks. Mission to Mars for age 4+ is within the first 100 yards. A Voyage to Saturn age 7+ reaches Saturn about 1/3 mile out. The other audio guide options are The Solar System Experience running the full mile of the trail and A Comet’s Journey which goes back from the end of the trail to the beginning.

All trail lengths will benefit from all the audio segments, as the QR codes for audio download will be present on all the signs.

See the below images as examples and contact us for any further information that you may require.

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