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X-Trails and the X-Trails Audio Guide;

It all started out of curiosity and a sense of adventure. Books, documentaries and even museums seemed to miss something.

To experience both the size AND distance scale of the Solar System a model had to be constructed.. outdoors. It could not fit on a table or even indoors. To see at least a 5mm Earth we would need to spread the Solar System over a mile! We punched holes representing each planet through aluminium round sheets and hanged them to the planets distance scale along a two mile trail. The wow factor is what got us to make another one, this time for others to experience. Years later and after much feedback, we designed our latest X-Trails Solar System + audio guide to be inspiring and inclusive to as wide an audience as possible.

Reality is Awe Inspiring 
X-Trails mission is not just to enhance trails and public walks into attractive, inclusive and meaningful experiences. It is not only to inspire STEM education or attract visitors and tourism. Ultimately it is to bring us in touch with our place in the Universe. In a world where attention is increasingly turning to virtual digital worlds, the requirement to walk the scaled model trail links us to the bigger picture we are all a part of and is in one way or another responsible for our appearance. The Universe and our presence in it are awe inspiring. There is no greater wow factor than that.

Experience of Another Scale
The X-Trails design dimensions demonstrate the true scale of the Solar System. Today most people know what the Earth looks like. It is much harder to visualise the Solar System. A mile long display to scale along a walkway or trail allow a person to immerse in the overwhelming sense of space, feel the far reaching influence of the sun and see the Earth in perspective, as a precious blue dot in the dark void.

Active Outdoor Education
Using QR codes on each of the 10 displays, children and adults are encouraged to go the length of the trail, unlocking segments of the audio guide as they go.


The product is manufactured to a high quality standard and is shipped ready to install. E-mail and phone support is available for every installation.

The audio guide app is free to download. We do not use user information. We do not display ads or third party content.