X-Trails – Connecting Communities to the Great Outdoors

In the beginning;

From our base in the West of Ireland, the Atlantic Ocean, the Sun, the Moon, the starry dark sky are all visible in their glory. But the scale of it all is still unclear. Books, documentaries and even museums seemed to miss something.

To experience both the size AND distance scale of the Solar System a model had to be constructed. It could not fit in a book or even indoors. To represent the Earth as a 4.5mm diameter sphere, we would need to stretch the Solar System over a mile long trail! In 2005 we finally set up our first trail. It became transforming experience, a learning without learning, and a wow factor that got us to make another one. We felt that everyone should have a chance to experience our place in space and the Earth in perspective. Years later and after much feedback, we designed the X-Trails Solar System + audio guide to inspire and include as many of us as possible.

Reality is Awe Inspiring 
X-Trails installations enhance trails and public walks into attractive, inclusive and meaningful experiences. They inspire STEM education and attract visitors. Ultimately they put us in touch with our place in the Universe, the bigger picture we are all a part of. The Universe and our presence in it are awe inspiring.

Active Outdoor Education
Using QR codes on each of the displays, children and adults are encouraged to go the length of the trail, unlocking segments of the audio guide as they go.


The product is manufactured to the highest quality standard and is shipped ready to install.

The audio guide app is free to download. We do not collect or use user information. We do not display ads or third party content.