Wow visitors with these 3 ft high lectern style displays. 10 displays of the Sun to Neptune spread over 1 mile or, for smaller campuses, a 1/3 mile trail of the Sun to Saturn.

Named after the NASA Pioneer 10 and 11 missions, these were the first spacecraft to travel through the asteroid belt and explore the outer planets.

Incorporating vital facts, space art and stunning imagery, these displays include a special ‘to scale’ feature, demonstrating the size and distance of the planets in a Solar System adjusted to the size of the trail. Scanning the QR code on each display activates the audio segment, bringing the Sun and planets to life.

The X-Trails Pioneer offers a recreational experience that will enhance any park or walkway.

Make a lasting impact with a quick installation


I realised that we are part of something bigger. It’s different than a book. As I walked the trail I have put myself in the Solar System

M. Simmons Age 18, UK,

It was surprising and changed how I thought about the Solar System. You get to feel the actual dimensions by walking, its really cool!

N. Wiersma,Age 15, Netherlands

I could see that we are part of something bigger. It brought the planets to life, they are not just objects in the sky.

A. KimbrellAge 55, Netherlands

Walking the trail made me more concious about my place in the Universe. I underestimated how we are only a small part of a big universe.

T. WalshAge 13, Ireland

It was fun, I loved it

D. Pratt Age 7, UK

It’s an excellent concept, its practical and motivates you to walk

R. WayneAge 69 Canada

Guaranteed Quality

  • The installation is 3ft high (914cm) with an A1 (594x841mm / 23.4″x33.1″)  sign attached.
  • The structure is made from stainless steel with engraved font.
  • The A1 sign is a 13mm ecoDURA highly durable anti-graffiti, fully recyclable pressure laminated panel which carries a 10 year outdoor warranty.
  • The base of the structure will incorporate a special cowl feature to ensure no hilt anchor fixings are visible.
  • All equipment is 100% inspected before shipping.
  • Assembly and installation instructions included. E-mail and phone support available for each installation.